Suggested Resources for Oral Spelling Exam

We have prepared the following list of resources to help our candidates prepare for the different stages of the Spelling Bee exam. The word lists and vocabulary banks, usually included at the end of the books, are particularly helpful for preparation.

Bee Level Cefr Level Examples of suitable resources – please note that this list is not exhaustive
Bee 1 A1

Macmillan Education: Tiger Time 3; Insights 1;

CUP: Fun Skills Level 3; Life Adventures 1;Power Up 2;

Express Publishing: Right On 1;

Bee 2 A1+

Macmillan Education: Gateway A1+; Beyond A1+; Tiger Time 4; Insights 2;

CUP: Fun Skills Level 4; Life Adventures 2; Power Up 3;

Express Publishing: Enterprise 1; Upstream A1+; On Screen 1;

Bee 3 A2

Macmillan Education: Optimise A2; Tiger Time 5; Insights 3;

CUP: Fun Skills Level 5; Life Adventures 3; Power Up 4;

Express Publishing: Upstream A2; On Screen 2; Right On 2;

Bee 4 A2+

Macmillan Education: English World A2+; Tiger Time 6; Insights 4;

CUP: Fun Skills Level 6; Life Adventures 4; Power Up 5; Interactive 1;

Express Publishing: Enterprise 2; On Screen 3;

Bee 5 B1

Macmillan Education: Insights 5; Gateway B1; English World 8; Laser B1;

CUP: Life Adventures 5; Power Up 6; Interactive 2;

Express Publishing: Upstream B1; On Screen B1;

OUP: Navigate B1;

Bee 6 B1+

Macmillan Education: Insights 6; Gateway B1+; English World 9; Laser B1+;

CUP: Life Adventures 6; Interactive 3;

Express Publishing: Enterprise 3; Upstream B1+; On Screen B1+;

OUP: Navigate B1+; Insight Intermediate;

Bee 7 B2

Macmillan Education: Gateway B2; English World 10; Laser B2;

CUP: Interactive 4;

Express Publishing: Upstream B2; On Screen B2;

OUP: Navigate B2; Headway Upper Intermediate;

Bee 8 B2+

Macmillan Education: Gateway B2+; Global 5;Straightforward Upper Intermediate;

Express Publishing: Enterprise 4; Upstream B2+; On Screen B2+;

OUP: Insight Upper-Intermediate ;

Bee 9 C1

Macmillan Education: Gateway C1; Global 6; Straightforward Advanced;

Express Publishing: New Enterprise; Upstream C1; On Screen C1;

OUP: Navigate C1; Insight Advanced ; Headway Advanced ; English File C1;

Bee 10 C2

Macmillan Education: Upstream C2;

CUP: Objective Proficiency; Proficiency Masterclass;

Hillside Press: The New On The Move C2;

Pearson: Proficiency Expert Coursebook;

Bee 11

Academic English

Business English

Any publications specific to Academic and / or Business English at advanced levels.